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My not inconsiderable sins in Second Life

I have overburdened the servers with far too many video and image
I have added too many prim scripts to too many objects.
I have required far to complex screen redrawings time and time again.
I have taken apart the building where the exhibition is held.
I have revolved the panels of the building eternally and they may jump
as well from place to place.
I have dissolved the boundaries of the building and opened it to every
aspect of the environment.
I have sent particles onto foreign soil or the soil of other parcels.
I have created problematic images to texture both prims and particles.
I have clotted the environment with particles and immoderate prims.
I have created circulations among particles and prims that threaten to
subvert the intentions of other artists or cultural workers anywhere in
the vicinity.
I have made it difficult to enter or leave the exhibition.
I have made it quite possible to trap the viewer beneath the floor of
the exhibition until a gateway sphere is round.
I have coated gateway spheres and other objects from time to time with
obscene or sexual imagery.
I have created a false sense of tantric enlightenment by the comple-
tion and generation stages of gods unknown to me.
I have betrayed the trust of those who fly and those who walk or run
into the complex of the exhibition space.
I have made the organized disorganized and the countable uncountable
and unaccounted-for.
I have created a sense of disequilibrium and non-equilibrium thermo-
dynamics in a space known for the excellence of its organization and
propriety of its codes and protocols.
I have brought a sense of miasma and sleaziness into the perfection of
parameter and prim.
I have opened the exhibition space to the effects and influences of
places and spaces outside the structure proper and opened places and
spaces outside the structure to the effects and influences of the
exhibition space.
I have blurred the distinction between internal and external.
I have created an environment close to that considered griefing along
with grieving and griefing avatars that seem self-contained and
somewhat intimidating to those unfamiliar with the operations and
customs of Second Life.
I have placed far too much information in far too small a space and
time making it impossible to grasp or digest the subtleties of the
exhibition which most likely will be overlooked.
I have taxed administrators and programmers alike in the daily reorg-
anization and reconfiguration of the space.
I have returned objects and avatars to other spaces.
I have sent objects out of world and some of them have never been
I have created and reveled in a mess where others might want at least
a modicum of order in order to comprehend the mass aesthetics that
seems to constitute a very problematic work.
I have overlaid the whole with far too much theory.
I have thought too much and have left little space for spontaneous
creation with the exception of the tunings and retunings that constan-
tly occur. vid jpg series

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