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Something of the women but for shorter revert jpg series

Still, something new. This was to revert the building. Instead movement
toned down. Here transpires something -

[19:09]  Julu Twine: Here's something very strange. I was able to change
the women/avatars shooting out, placing them at a shorter distance.
[19:09]  i have littel time also
[19:09]  Julu Twine: Unless it's within art.
[19:09]  lol!
[19:10]  yes
[19:10]  everything in context
[19:10]  Julu Twine: But what's strange - after I eliminated the scripts,
the women remained! I had my assistant Gary - software engineer grad
student - he couldn't figure it out!
[19:10]  ok, don't swaqet it
[19:10]  sweat
[19:10]  Julu Twine: So instead of taking out the women, we put them on
just about everything with a short span!
[19:10]  we'll figure it out
[19:11]  Julu Twine: I'm not - I'm just fascinated by these software
glitches. I tried everything, emptying cache, using other parts of the
area, etc. Nothing changed!

So it did and didn't revert. But it hiccuped periodically and rotated
somewhat simultaneously or at least equivalently. And the women appear
although not for very long.

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