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August 12, 2008

anomalies in skysphere/groundspace transportation

so many anomalies with relative, not absolute, coordinates, Nikuko
disappearing in an impossible ocean, Julu walking slowly and dream-
like (unknown causes), the great throbbing skysphere with numerous
teleport possibilities: who knows where one ends up? skyteleport jpg series teleport jpg series

To access the Odyssey exhibition The Accidental Artist:

(short vacation coming up, we're returning to NY, but please do check
out the Odyssey exhibition, both above (skysphere), within (groundspace),
and below (waterworld), teleports among them all.)

(By the way the writing is my own, not found art. Apologies for not
sending the URL earlier; the forwarding of the 'google alert' didn't
include it)) - Check out -


To access the Odyssey exhibition The Accidental Artist:

Webpage (directory) at,, tel US 718-813-3285


of death and dealing

preparatory moves, logging in through the cache. this is the background of
gamespace memory; in 3 and 1 for example you can see the fundamental prims
on the way to full load. the full grey is on the way to skysphere. resolu-
tion is lower but higher than you might imagine; one can sacrifice speed
and framerate for resolution.

this is the reverse processing of worlds after death, as full a represent-
ation as one might want of bardo, which is unrepresentable. one emerges
out of nothing, returns to it through a world always already emptied and
empty. falter jpgs twirl jpgs overview

more anomalies of vision and internal cycles

To access the Odyssey exhibition The Accidental Artist:

there are no dealings with death


there are no dealings with death
death doesn't deal with you
you don't see the hands of death
death doesn't show its cards

death shows its cards to the living
sometimes they weep and wail
the casket doesn't exist
ashes and body don't exist

death's cards are never stacked
there is no stacking the cards
there are no cards of death
there's no dealing with the living

there's no understanding the living
they walk around and talk
they stutter stumble shudder
the other stops them

the other is their body
the other is their death's body
death doesn't exist
the other doesn't either

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