The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


Julu's really something! Give up!
Yo! Dweeb! Whatever!
Cyberpunk or skatepunk?
You're out of your mind! Get lost!
A put-down, put out!
Put up with it on the spot!
Get real, blow up!
I can't get through to you - get it through your head?
Do you two get along? The deal goes sour.
Mind games - It got out of hand!
Chill! Get up!
Let's get down - nail someone!
I got to the bottom of it, twisted mind.
He gives me the creeps - spare me!
I got the jump on him - sleazebag!
We got down to business, scumbag.
Get off my case, screw lose.
Don't give me your lip, you're chicken.
We gave him the slip - you're out of your skull.
Julu's not herself recently - what's gotten into her?
Julu's really messed up.
He's caught between a rock and a hard place.
I didn't give it a second thought, boy-toy.
I want to get my hands on him! Gay, queer!
Techie - he's a total freak, he's packing a gun!
He gets hot under the collar, he's a real hothead!
Stop gawking! I'm spaced out.
I really lost it, bar-hopping; I'm really wasted.
Naked? Call an ambulance! crux jpgs

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