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Julu Twine was tuned and retuned; the particle spew was moved from abdomen
to chest - the bvh files had more movement in that region than in the
pelvis, which was near the root node, and therefore fairly quiescent.
Once the move was made, the invisible generator attachment was slid back
into the area of the womb, since birth occurs in the tuning and retuning.
What then? For the most part, a simulacrum or masquerade of a womb or
pelvis or abdomen node. Symptoms develop: on occasion the source of torso
generation moves from womb to a position outside the body of Julu Twine;
it's following the chest, not the womb, and therefore a displacement
occurs. Now with spawn - which is just that, spawn from loins as displace-
ment from chest - it's possible to see Julu Twine in mid-air with full
movement, and Julu Twine confined in an enclosed watery depression between
building and earth. In the confinement, there is shuddering; in the shud-
dering, there is masquerade and continuous torso production which appears
to emerge freely from the space, a signal or at the very least, a sign.
But this emergence, this torso, itself is a fantasm; it's nothing more
than a texture, a detailed square patch which appears, from certain
angles, to possess weight, dimension, volume. So this is one fantasm among
many, but a fantasm which goes nowhere; it can't be grasped in Second Life
and such couldn't be grasped anywhere. So the shuddering, this apparent
simulacrum of sex, this byproduct of confinement according to the codes
and protocols of Second Life, produces a signal and a frisson among non-
existent bodies, perhaps among viewers, perhaps a thrill or shudder,
again, at the birth of a symptom. It's this symptom, this excess of desire
in confinement and plein air, that disturbs, is read, goes nowhere - and
goes nowhere because of its autonomy, autonomic nervousness, autonomic
neurosis, railroad kidney and railroad spine and the like. It's what
appears to be a chance result of programming; it's in reality the uneasy
confluence of programming and interoperability, and collisions among
programs. I take full responsibility, at the same time releasing Julu
Twine to her own amazing ends. Now I dream Julu Twine, I no longer know my
own sex, but I own to no other and know no other, nor an other; it's all
uncomfortable and dis/eased masquerade, something tawdry that I simultan-
eously turn towards and away from, something in my character, a virus or
parasite, a parasite of alterity, dreams of others, incandescent.

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