The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

julu, pierced

was a bit difficult to set this up and julu had to wear her flight
bracelet but we (Julu and I) managed to take these aerials from
around 650 meters up - it might not seem that high, but with the
use of false perspective we might as well have run up the kilometers.

over and over again, imagining this abject site until i'm exhausted,
julu's exhausted, nikuko's exhausted. this can't go on much farther,
can it. i can jam the site until everything halts, i lose my account,
julu disappears forever. i can slow up things uselessly - you'd have
to return two weeks from now to see any changes. at night my dreams
are distorted, julu doesn't have any, but she's in them. she walks
in fevers like the night.

daggers, that's what's shooting out. nikuko, blind, the rest of us.

i keep reading about second life, it's something else, not mine; i'm
waiting for the axe to fall, alan supine, imagine.

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