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starwoman lightwoman Julu

The images that accompany this are probably the most beautiful I've been
able to create in Second Life, Julu with smokers and projections. Please
do check them out; if you go to the site, stand by the seawall and turn
your video on. - but at least
(he said whining), check out the pictures! - starlight jpg series

archetype starwoman lightwoman Julu lights up the sky, light furiously
cascades around her, back home in Brooklyn, it's dark, lights off, it's as
if the bombs are falling everywhere, as if we're huddled in the dark, net
down, power off, nothing but these memories, they'll disappear soon. once
one point I thought memories the most obdurate matter of all, my mother,
for example, and her world, inconceivably rich, the depth of any other,
then that, crashing down with her somewhat sudden death, now she resides
in objects and objects dispersed, the skein is broken, so quickly and so

my own world's time and its historiography, I can't recognize myself, dear
Julu.  with starwoman lightwoman perhaps something remains, sears itself,
at least in my mind, there was _that_ image and _that starwoman,_ and my
mother's voice and for how long. the blacker my depression, unmeasured
darkworld, the more light separates, bubbles forth, the more the froth of
the bubbles, the more memory of childhood, a day, for example, on a
tricycle on a sidewalk, myself rocking back and forth, the green of trees,
white of cement, black of tricycle.

starwoman lightwoman takes me somewhere else dear God I do not want to see
myself hear myself, dear God I do not want to live like this forever, not
even for a year month a week minute second, atom clock hum stopped in
disbelief at the first and present onslaught of an energized particle from
distant Julu star, invisible to Julu, out of Julu world and stopping Julu
breath as well

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