The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 27, 2008

I, Julu, Hebrides

I will not live to see the sucking of the maw destroying local cosmos
in someone's grasping craw.

Julu dies idea-wise fucking law deploying yokals' cosmos dumbed unwon
and basking flaw.

Nikuko flies hir sucking jaw spoiling hokum cosmos summed and flown
through untasked haw.

Alan lies hir chucking paw boiling cum's cosmos bummed, honed, and
moaned, stewed unmasked gnaw.

Jennifer sighs burrs, mucking daw soiling, hummed cosmos stoned and
groaned, rude sun tasked and yaw.

Menni surmise myrrhs, Jucking maw moiling, mummed cosmos moaned, manned,
moaned, mewed mun masked, manned, maw.


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