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these images are so good that I WANT YOUR GALLERY TO SHOW MY WORK!
if you are a gallery curator, consider showing them.
we can print them any size to suit you! INVEST IN ME!
we can go to 300 dpi on glossy or matte in unique prints.
each print will be taken out of circulation as soon as it is sold.
each print will be beautifully signed!
consider this: testimony from the second world into the first!
breakthroughs in cyberart through real gallery objects
and sales!
it will be a terrific show with rave reviews from the critics.
I am certain we will have reviews in Flash Art and Art Papers as well.
collectors will be knocking at our door.
reviews in the New York Times and Artforum!
think of the brilliant novelty of these particular Second Life scenes!
there is nothing like them anywhere! and so beautiful!
in addition we will supply DVDs and raw video of the avatar's environment.
these will be presented on video and computer monitors throughout the
gallery. a small booklet will explain everything at the gallery desk!
profusely illustrated! wonderfully bound!
this is an excellent opportunity for an art gallery in any major city!
consider the possibility of tremendous sales and attention!
I can be contacted at or phone, 718-813-3285.
I will make this exhibition my primary concern and responsibility!
Try me at or 432 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY, 11217, as
Don't miss this opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of an exciting
and innovative new art movement!
Create the first ground-breaking show setting the standard for shows to
come! I'm serious, show me!
Make both of us money and gain world-wide critical attention!
Let us build towards many long years of working together, exhibitions and
major international art fairs and museum shows!
Let us prepare for the Whitney Biennale, Basil and Miami!
Such beautiful images, such fantastic imagery: GIVE ME A SHOW!

the large images amaze me but the smaller contain more aesthetics
per square inch. skied jpgs

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