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It was difficult to attach the prick.
The object wouldn't adjust to hir proper position.
The object crept up the legs creeping down.
The object continued to flux.
The texture spewed across the object.
The texture spread everywhere.
The object rotated too fast or too slow.
The object glowed too much are disappeared into shadow.
The texture was too grayed out or too brilliant.
The prick was slanted in an awkward direction.
The tip of the prick was difficult to view.
The prick was misaligned with the body.
Two or more pricks would appear at the same time.
Less than one prick appeared in rotation.
The object was too round or not round enough.
The object appeared to detach itself.
The object was invisible and embedded.
Aligning the prick separated the object from Julu.
The prick seemed a separate and independent object.
The prick seemed too short or too long.
The texture was misaligned on the object.
The prick appeared too hard or too soft.
The object rotated with misaligned axes of rotation.
The object yawed during rotation.
The prick was invisible or far too visible.
The prick wasn't sufficiently succulent.
The prick disappeared into a blood-red matrix.
The sphere was deformed too radically.
The hole of the sphere was misaligned with the body.
The hole of the sphere was insufficiently vaginal.
The interior of the hole was too large or too small.
The texture of the hole was too ornamental.
The texture of the hole was unreadable.
There were too many pricks in the hole texture.
The hole wasn't succulent enough.
The hole was too geometrical.
The object was too spherically regular.
The object emerged on the other side of the body.
The object almost disappeared into the body.
The prick was too small or too large.
The fit was too loose or too tight.
Nobody appreciated the prick like Julu Twine.
The prick was hir prick and belonged to hir.
Julu Twine made it hir own.
This was the second prick of Julu Twine.
The first prick of Julu Twine went out of world.
The first prick was not returned. prick jpgs

barb the dart, bore, burn, discolor, defuge, excite, girdle pain, gore,
hurt the feelings, impale, inflict pain, itch, kill by inches, martyr,
obscure, pang, poke, prolong the agony, rankle, ride herd on, rowel, scum,
seal, skewer, slit, speckle, spike, spurt, tattoo mark, terminate, thrill,
tingle tangle, tip, transfix, transpierce, trepan, watermark, whip, wound,

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