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The say which is the thing of Alan that is Julu and Nikuko

Julu and Alan and Nikuko and landscape no comment
Julu and Nikuko together
Julu and Alan together
Landscapes after the fashion
Nikuko and Alan together in the landscape
Julu in the landscape
Julu and Nikuko in the featureless landscape no comment
no comment, I've abjured my responsibility. that is to say -
to say what, countered Julu? to say that you talk too much, let pictures
do the talking.
to counter this Nikuko insisted that responsibility lay in continuing to
provide, provide what? to provide an edge that you lie against or on,
your body almost ready to fall, teetering on the brink beneath which there
are only rocks, or water, or water and rocks at the base of the cliff.
Nikuko insisted that this is about the cliff, there's no rest, no respite,
nothing but the yaw of the cliff as the point of view changes
in translation.
the point of view in the featureless landscape, no comment.
no comment in julu or nikuko, they are given nothing to say.

they must be given something to say.
someone must give them something to say.
someone who does not appear in the featureless landscape, no comment.
someone Alan who tenders them, they are spies on the edge of a nervous
they are spies.
Alan lets them loose, they report back, or, no comment, Alan reports
back, their reaction, their place and presence, their signifier, their
name and sign and if lucky, their universal identification number, good
for all encounters.
Alan who owns the virtual world, no comment, Alan has no identification.
Julu and Nikuko carry their identification across the featureless
landscape, carry it in world.
Alan may give them something to say and they are not pleased or
unpleased to say it, they are only of the saying of it, they are the
saying of it.
Across the featureless landscape, Alan and Julu and Nikuko, no comment.

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