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September 7, 2008

Amazing Grounded Universes and Other Phenomena

Some skysphere spaces are interspersed among the objects in the Odyssey
exhibition space. These spaces revolve slowly, are textured, can trap
avatars attempting to negotiate them; they carry a mute symbolic which
goes nowhere, as if it came from nowhere, instead of coming from already
surfaced textures. But they're relatively enormous, part of the sky; you
can hardly see Julu Twine living and moving among one of them. Good for

Julu: "These are so cool! In Second Life, where I am and you are too at
times there for me, the Unwieldy doesn't exist! Something twenty stories
high moves as quickly as a glove; a building behaves like a ball, a tree
like a pebble or stone or plate; a tree like a picture, a picture of a
tree. Everything runs on equal power here; no one gets sick, everyone will
die, disappear. But for now on the hedge or ledge of things - take a look!
- miracles occur in utmost safety... " lindy jpgs 01 to 12
  - new exhibition landscape images - edgy, potentially reflecting SL
  limits / limitations pourtrait excellent jpgs 1 to 4
  - new Julu Twine outfit and outfitted with skysphere personal
  - video of grounded skyspheres in motion

Do check out - the new nuances of The Accidental Artist @ !

God everywhere!

God Amazing God Grounded God Universes God and God Other God Phenomena

God Some God skysphere God spaces God are God interspersed God among God
the God objects God in God the God Odyssey God exhibition God space. God
These God spaces God revolve God slowly, God are God textured, God can God
trap God avatars God attempting God to God negotiate God them; God they
God carry God a God mute God symbolic God which God goes God nowhere, God
as God if God it God came God from God nowhere, God instead God of God
coming God from God already God surfaced God textures. God But God they're
God relatively God enormous, God part God of God the God sky; God you God
can God hardly God see God Julu God Twine God living God and God moving
God among God one God of God them. God Good God for God God Julu! God

God Julu: God "These God are God so God cool! God In God Second God Life,
God where God I God am God and God you God are God too God at God times
God there God for God me, God the God Unwieldy God doesn't God exist! God
Something God twenty God stories God high God moves God as God quickly God
as God a God glove; God a God building God behaves God like God a God
ball, God a God tree God like God a God pebble God or God stone God or God
plate; God a God tree God like God a God picture, God a God picture God of
God a God tree. God Everything God runs God on God equal God power God
here; God no God one God gets God sick, God everyone God will God die, God
disappear. God But God for God now God on God the God hedge God or God
ledge God of God things God - God take God a God look! God - God miracles
God occur God in God utmost God safety... God " God


The New World

Julu Twine on the Asus eee pc 701 exploring Second Life - very small jpgs
to be sure. What is it you can see? That s/he can ride hir own universes
in the center of the exhibition space, s/he can add and subtract objects
within them, s/he's there for us to be sure - Yes! And s/he has become
once again dual-sexed, creating hir way across these spaces dedicated to
the new Swiss collider to be sure that may in a very short time destroy
all of us, but not really - just as the collider brings new phenomena to
the foreground, fundamental, basic, ground-breaking phenomena, so do these
tiny universes foreground behaviors that rest uneasy on the ground the
rest of us walk on; think of Julu Twine as Pioneer of the Virtual, s/he
explores phenomena we can only dream of, bends protocols to hir Will,
walks and experiences space-time invisible to the rest of us, perhaps
someday s/he will write hir memoirs, they will be poor substitutions for
the real thing, but as close as we can get, closer than we are now: Julu!
For our sakes! ...

Music: (pocket sax) (chromatic harmonica) (chromatic and standard harmonica,

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