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Amazing Grounded Universes and Other Phenomena

Some skysphere spaces are interspersed among the objects in the Odyssey
exhibition space. These spaces revolve slowly, are textured, can trap
avatars attempting to negotiate them; they carry a mute symbolic which
goes nowhere, as if it came from nowhere, instead of coming from already
surfaced textures. But they're relatively enormous, part of the sky; you
can hardly see Julu Twine living and moving among one of them. Good for

Julu: "These are so cool! In Second Life, where I am and you are too at
times there for me, the Unwieldy doesn't exist! Something twenty stories
high moves as quickly as a glove; a building behaves like a ball, a tree
like a pebble or stone or plate; a tree like a picture, a picture of a
tree. Everything runs on equal power here; no one gets sick, everyone will
die, disappear. But for now on the hedge or ledge of things - take a look!
- miracles occur in utmost safety... " lindy jpgs 01 to 12
  - new exhibition landscape images - edgy, potentially reflecting SL
  limits / limitations pourtrait excellent jpgs 1 to 4
  - new Julu Twine outfit and outfitted with skysphere personal
  - video of grounded skyspheres in motion

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