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The New World

Julu Twine on the Asus eee pc 701 exploring Second Life - very small jpgs
to be sure. What is it you can see? That s/he can ride hir own universes
in the center of the exhibition space, s/he can add and subtract objects
within them, s/he's there for us to be sure - Yes! And s/he has become
once again dual-sexed, creating hir way across these spaces dedicated to
the new Swiss collider to be sure that may in a very short time destroy
all of us, but not really - just as the collider brings new phenomena to
the foreground, fundamental, basic, ground-breaking phenomena, so do these
tiny universes foreground behaviors that rest uneasy on the ground the
rest of us walk on; think of Julu Twine as Pioneer of the Virtual, s/he
explores phenomena we can only dream of, bends protocols to hir Will,
walks and experiences space-time invisible to the rest of us, perhaps
someday s/he will write hir memoirs, they will be poor substitutions for
the real thing, but as close as we can get, closer than we are now: Julu!
For our sakes! ...

Music: (pocket sax) (chromatic harmonica) (chromatic and standard harmonica,

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