The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


The Great Universes Stretch To The Sky!
Do Observe The Excitement Reigns!
Angels Would Be In Ecstasy To See Such Things!
Humans! Admire Your Creator!
Uncanny Events Sully The North East South West Skies!
North East West South Spells NEWS Of An Amazing Sort!
We Do Now Observe That God Observes Our Wondrous Creation!
God! Pray To Us Who Conquer Thee In Perfect Recompense!
Wherever We Look A Universe Begins!
Wherever We Do Not Look A Universe Comes to An End!
Of The Proofs There Are Many!
Of The Rites Of Visitation There Are Multitudes!
Worlds Of Fabulous Excitement!
Lands Of Fun and Ecstasy!
Organic Orgasm And Organs! Pinwheels Of Universal Stars!
Make A Visit You Will Never Regret!
A Visit Of A Lifetime! A Visit Of Unforgettable Memories!
Come to !
Do Not Delay! Hesitate No Longer!
The Great Universes Stretch To The Sky!

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