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Gearing of the universes

There's other stuff going on here; I don't remember all of it. Most of the
large objects from duplications of the skysphere are revolving. Later the
skysphere was revolving and the texture changed again; I didn't want my
face in the sky anymore, I wanted Yamantaka's. But the image I think are
fairly amazing now that the sphere and Alan Dojoji, who is Nikuko, are
interacting. So things are going on in space that are fairly gravity-less,
in some sort of freefall, although there's an object at the bottom of the
skysphere which has been there for months and continues to remain in
place. That seems to have weight. Weight of course is artificial but the
skysphere appears as a sort of satellite. It's not, but it appears so. And
if it were a satellite then an object in it wouldn't be free-floating,
which it's not. Still, it's the only thing like that; the other objects
float happily, as they do nearer the ground - as do the duplications and
for that matter remnants of the skyspheres, all within the exhibition
space proper, although extending upward and into the grounds in front of
the building, some near the seawall but well above it. That's a feature of
this particular virtual world, this floating - not to mention what appears
to be a kind of perpetual, frictionless, energyless, motion of all the
objects, some of which have been in a kind of hysteria, symptomology, for
upwards of eleven weeks. Well, the motion isn't perpetual, of course; it's
the result of client/server activity, protocols, code, programming,
callups, and so forth. And that is fed from the electric grid, which draws
on nuclear and coal energy for the most part - the motion, in other words,
is the result of resource consumption. The energy is relatively miniscule,
especially compared to the enormous amounts of energy it would take to
move what seems to be close to a thirty-story apparatus, day and night,
without monitoring or a caretaker. Of course I'm a caretaker of sorts, but
I'm out of the space, have always been so. In any case, what you would
see, should you choose to visit the space, is something even more marvel-
ous than before, and you'd get to walk or fly around all of this without
my presence, or anyone else's, no interference here - full jpgs

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