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Julu Twine Pinup

Julu I want to have sex with you.
I want to have sex with you Julu Twine.
Stuttering, I dream of your taking me hard your skin all over me.
Shuddering, I dream of fucking you fucking me fucking you.
Shattering, I dream of scat and golden showers and audience and you.
Sputtering, I dream of my bondage not yours while you gag me.
Splattering, I dream of liquids pouring from your holes.
Spattering, I dream of your pulling the knot tighter and tighter.
Stumbling, I dream of masquerade and your cutting me open and wide.
Smothering, I dream of your choking me and your wet and heavy smell.
Shivering, I dream of your cum on me wiping me out and wiping me clean.
Spotting, I dream of greedily licking your shit from your asshole.
Scattering, I dream of swallowing your hot piss dribbling over me.
Shitting, I dream of your vomit and disdain and your disgust and fury.
I want to have sex with Julu Twine.
Julu I want to have sex with you.

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