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September 12, 2008

avatar, flowing, flow

sometimes Julu Twine's nudity is overwhelming.

what might be blood is the presence of the invisible.

what is hidden might be menstrual.
19th century Germany: male Jews had monthly discharges.

what's secreted is the object of desire, abject,

from hir back is J.T. male or female? no one knows hir.
no one knows hir like her handler. so difficult!

what is to be done?
these are simple images, sheave, red thud, pinwheel.

someone does someone's bidding. or not at all. who can
tell what the gods insist? the body is infinitely malleable,
almost; then a vessel is struck, tissue severed from tissue,
and days are needed to restore Julu Twine. here,
in our other world, under
a moon full with poisoned air, neither days nor years suffice;
things fall apart, everything falls and fails. memories are
slow to leave, of reds and browns and flowing, and those years
before when many suns whirled the hollow sky. now the ship
arrives, no one is prepared, and seeming worlds sink,
are drawn screaming, past agony; reds and browns flow
furiously, once again, and then no more. insidejulutwine jpgs
(a few long-distance beautiful shots of J.T. as well) lush jpgs

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