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Notes by an Space-artist

[rewritten from a previous text; it seems that avatar/body is transparent-
space, inhering space, dynamic and malleable space -]

As space-artist, we are our space Jennifer-Julu-Nikuko-Travis-Alan and our
space is us, both controlled by motion-capture behaviors using remapped
sensors and moving at ultra-high-speeds among other spaces, landscapes,
virtual worlds in the real, online, in one's mind.

But our space is unique, our space is tissue, our space transforms
backwards and forwards at perceptually instantaneous speed between frames.
Our space is alien.

Jennifer: "our space has slimy space movement, wormlike shape-shifting,
at warp high-speed perceptually conflated with itself, our space is
speed-alien, malleable and originating tissue. as originating, our space
is demiurge, producing and reproducing, originating worlds and gatherings
of the true world."

Julu: "our space is disparaged body or bodies, our space is OTHERING,
here and there moving asymptotically among fractal intrusions, our space
prepares the appearance of twisted connected topologies, limit-sets of
behaviors, topological counterexamples and distraught spaces piled upon
themselves at warp-high speed."

Nikuko: "our space is implicate orderings, twisted among themselves,
still connected or with connections' memory, tangled as if untangled,
messed as if unmessed, abject, as if clarified, our space is cephalic or
ocular, eyes and doubling eyes, gendering and originating, producing and

Travis: "our space is detritus machine, residue-machine, with symbolic
input, language input, bvh input, ascii input, inchoate output, our space
is ALIEN-BETTER-LEFT-UNDEFINED, that is _alien << inchoate_, symbols
effaced by behavior-gatherings, the true world, asymbolia.

Alan: "our space is un-is, truly disconnected topologies, connectors gone
with interior body viewpoint, resulting sheaves, surfaces, in relative
positions, holding relative positions, but the manifolds are open, broken,
think of chimera composites."

Jennifer: "in other words, in the true world of gatherings, our space is
open and gathering from within, closed and coherent from without, as-if
our space, as if Jennifer-Julu-Nikuko-Travis-Alan, as-if but not as-if,
not really, in the true world really a gathering."

Julu: "in other words, we are true world being."


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