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Partitioning, naming, unknown

Something about the aging body and the objectification of parts.
About the parts not working autonomously but calling attention to
Calling attention to themselves in a manner of naming of parts.
Naming of parts that no longer work without pain and subterfuge.
Subterfuge as parts transform into prosthesis and it's just a matter of
Prosthesis as parts and therefore body can no longer be taken for granted
but become things in a world of things.
Things as life begins to drain from organism and organism becomes
The mind becoming evanescent almost luminous as it too requires naming,
transforming, bypassing, prosthesis, and clarity.
Clarity obtained in the realm of truth and the assertion of a true world
of inscription and presence after all.
The presence of walking into a virtual world and the pleasure of seeing it
for the very first time.
The first time recognizing that the body is a collocation or colloquium of
parts and not continuous.
Not continuous and an unnatural and sutured phenomenological horizon.
The first time of an unnatural and anomalous virtual world and then
changing and transforming into the impression of purity and continuity.
As if it were pure and continuous and as if this were transferred back and
forth from the physical to the virtual body and back again.
Until the virtual body is known as the back of the physical body and until
all these and many other bodies exfoliate and coalesce.
And coalesce into a body both inscribed and uninscribed as if caught on
the edge of coding and decoding, noise and rupture, cancellation and
Cancellation and presence, always the wonderful presence of taking-for-
granted, the body, the world, the word, the code, the real virtual, the
virtual real.
One might in fact say virtually real and not necessarily really virtual,
or some other chiasm whose nexus is all that remains of speechlessness.
Or speech for that and other matters, becoming clearer that the aging body
is always already the aging body, the sutured closed manifold of the same.
The same as if it were different, but always the same.
The same as if it were different, but always the same.

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