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Interior, exterior, music

From Upadeshasahasri, Sri Sankaracharya, trans Jagadananda, xiv 10:

10. How can an interior, an exterior or any other thing be attributed to
the Self which comprises the interior and exterior, is pure and of the
nature of homogeneous Consciousness?

From the same, xvii 43:

43. Why should a man have even the least fear who knows that he is the
Self comprising the interior and exterior, beyond birth, decay, death and
old age?


Without the Self there is no interior and exterior;
without a subject there is no avatar;

without negation there is no differentiation;
without differentiation there is no Inscriber;
without Inscriber, there is no inscribing;
without inscribing there is no inscription;
without inscription there is no code;
without code there is no program;
without program there is no protocol;
without protocol there is no interior and exterior -

From b.txt:

Clara: thinking and loving, writing, the murmur of the world
Alan: heard in the hollow of its shell, close by
Tiffany: sounding through fathoms of conversations, these souls
Honey: who have lost their fathermothers, mewling and
Travis: pity! pity! those unborn, unbearable to this dimmed life
Joan: changing bodies and directions, changing moods and genders
Sandra: down where ripples no longer reflect surface striations,
Clara: languages, terms, obsequious semiologies
Alan: as if language conveyed meaning humped against the physical
Tiffany: which we hear in our everyday networking and speaking
Honey: against or within the abdominal terminal screen
Travis: ghosts! ghosts!
Joan: the swollen world of the murmur of the world, the ocean
Sandra: gone, this gone world, where this speaking forms the cap


terminal screens, now, monitors - abdominal - within the abdomen - within
Julu Twine and so many others! perhaps who live doubled lives - perhaps
dimmed life in the midst of chaos humped against the physical like a wave
or terminal moraine is humped - (flute) (chromatic harp) (chromatic harp)

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