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September 20, 2008


revolving skysphere with wide-angle lens -
one might note the spatial mappings and transformations here -

oh, I know these things seem minor perhaps, one or another tiny change in
something that is only of interest to myself, or so it appears. but I
don't know, being so immersed, what constitutes tiny, what constitutes
major, what constitutes 'constitutes' for that matter. I know the
exhibition seems to be following a trajectory all on its own, but of
course that's impossible; it's my decisions that literally infect the
whole. and I know that this will come to an end, certainly around the end
of October - at that point I want to take the installation apart, slowly -
deconstruct it, only to rebuild something entirely different, that will
begin and rise out of the old, as an exhausted America might arise out of
the debilitated dreams of empire.

that remains to be seen, of course, and in the meantime, the tiniest
changes, perhaps... topos jpgs

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