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September 22, 2008

Need help with picture interpretation.

The following images are from a Machzor for Passover, published in 1929 in
Vilna, Poland; as you know, the fate of the Jewish community there was
disasterous, just a few years later. The book is published by Rozenkranz i
Szryftzecer and contains several pages in the beginning which may or may
not have been added to the original - they seem insertions done at the
time of the printing and binding but I'm not sure. (In fact the volume is
an odd compilation of sorts; the Haggadah per se is only a small part of
it.) There's a picture, which is reproduced below. It's a terrifying image
of a seder (the Hebrew title is HaSeder), a premonition of things to come.
It may be a contemporary image of a pogrom, an odd image of violence for a
holiday of joy and salvation (which 'salve' perhaps refers to - but then
there are armed men coming in - in fact, what _does_ salve mean in this
context?). I found this along with a collection of other Vilna books at
Sam Weller's store in Salt Lake City. Any suggestions or information you
might have about the image would be greatly appreciated. And thanks in
advance -

Thanks again, Alan -

by the way below are images from Utah related to Second Life texturing -
including a short video - solitude jpgs

to access the Odyssey exhibition The Accidental Artist:


alleviat alleviat abject slith slobb slopp slosh sludg
slush amyl barf bland bland anesthet flabb flesh
macerat masticat appease assuage assuage assuag balm
balsam syrup spikenard benumb bonus bount bribe
brilliantine calmat c eyewash eyewat butt cajol clabb
clamm clott coagulat compliar courtierl courtl crapp
toady tough tremelloid dope dose double time dress
dress creep comfort considera counterirritant cream
cushion daub beeswax eye-lo curdl disgust face cream
fee fo give relief ease matters drug dull ease fecal
fecul bacc dirt dough modulat mollifi mollif mephitic
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