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Withdrawal, let's look!

Attendance has gone down at The Accidental Artist, everyone's seen it,
I've got performances coming up, I can't change much, Julu Twine says,
today I made some small shadow-black objects all locked into each other,
then what? they sat there, I tried to link them - there was so much noise!

There was so much noise, Nikuko Dojoji says, it was impossible, I was
clicking on objects left and right, pointing to them, touching them, edit-
ing them, caressing them! To no avail - all I did was make a mess, all
sorts of other things turned shadow, they blended, they moved so fast! It
took an hour to catch them!

I can't change much, Julu Twine says again, I can't drop them all to the
floor, they'll all disappear, just like golems, I want to drop them, I
want to clear a bit of space, video them falling, yes!, left and right,
everywhere, running out of room, out of world, clean the clutter up, yes
indeed, make it something you can at least walk across the room, one side
to another, at least that far.

At least that far, Nikuko Dojoji says, certainly and at least that far, I
can never find you, I can't perform, I'm stuck playing with myself, I'm
not even sticky, everything's so empty hear, breathless, you know, but at
least if we could see each other, then we could play with each other, we
could look, you know.

Yes, absolutely, we could look and lift and peek, we could do all of that
and perhaps more, Julu Twine says, I can chat with you, sound goes every-
where, but I can't see you, can't touch you, can't smell you, I never
could smell you, can't taste you, can hardly hear you either.

I did a nice piece today, Julu Twine says, it comes out all jerky and
crooked but is nice, withdrawing from the space, I'm shoved back into it
at the end, but for a moment blackness reigns, blackness and invitations
to travel everywhere.

Travel where, Nikuko Dojoji says, travel where indeed.

Perhaps I shall visit, Julu Twine says, just wait, I'm naked, you'll like

I'll lick you, Nikuko Dojoji says, if I can find you. I doubt I can find
you, Nikuko Dojoji adds, but I'll look. I doubt I can find you, she adds,
but I'll look.

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