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/bloom, wilted bloom jpgs

/blooming buzzing confusion

/to an extent that it becomes impossible at this point,
within the concrete, to extrapolate SPACE and MOVEMENT
in the midst of CHAOS

/it's obvious, Julu Twine said, that the whole thing RESIDES on
the premise of the background microwave radiation, that 2.7 K
clumped against so smooth dark energy, you wouldn't believe it

/not to mention negative gravity, Nikuko Dojoji said, although
in this virtual realm, everything tends towards zero

/not the baryons, Julu Twine replied, not the baryons

/you always repeat, says Nikuko Dojoji, and look what good it does you.

/no that's going back to where it was from, a masquerade or mimicry or
confusion, as if chaos could be represented by prime rumbling against
computer clock-time, what if it didn't run at all

/Julu Twine says, something's wrong with me; I can't face the world the
way that I did once, stress gets to me far too often, oh me oh my, what
can I do, drugs don't work, talk doesn't work, most of the time I'm
suicidal, I don't even know what that means anymore, my star atoms, my
protocols, I can't think clearly, I cry every morning every night, I am
tangled with my master, I am hir master, every since I were so lowly I
were to be dead and gone of this anguish this

/Nikuko Dojoji says, so the install is a map of your brain, is it now, I
don't think it is, I think it's something else, I think it's saying keep
out or come in to great beauty & beware

/Julu Twine says, I will wear your description like a cloak of darkness

/Nikuko Dojoji says, then

/Julu Twine says then

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