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mapping video

This probably gives the best account of the relative confusion at the site
- if you're going to look at one of these videos, this is probably it.
It's altered to make the movement smooth -

So what do you expect, me to work in Second Life for the rest of my time
on earth first earth? Before nuclear winter sets in or the Republicans
manage to scorch every last living thing in sight? Republicans are liars,
thieves, drunkards, murderers, slaughterers, destroyers, thugs, rapists,
every last one of them. There's no forgiving them. They destroy every-
thing. I can't spend my life worrying about them. Shoot them on sight I
say. Just do it. I'll be in Second Life caressing Julu Twine, Nikuko
Dojoji says, yes I will. If I can get by the traffic jam. All those
objects gawk gawk gawk. There's no end to it gawk gawk gawk. Okay Julu
Twine says, shut up, you can have me. Just don't get cut on a prim.

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