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The Inlet Cycle

I love this video! The inletcycle is fast, balanced, true, and an
outstanding merry-go-round that really shows the ominous side of
things in a delightful fashion! Personally, I'd love a ride like
this - yes, I've seen them before, but not with such changing and
challenging views' it's as if the whole world has opened for Julu
Twine, and certainly it's about time. I know she's not as great
to look at (are you listening, Julu!) as Nikuko and her fantastic
see-you see-you-not see-through outfit or should I say rigging -
but then who could compete, and with Nikuko, even the landscape
would lose in the competition! So feast your eyes on this video-
fest, one of the very best to emerge from this super-amazing
installation that shows the signs of masterful touches from the
very top to the very bottom of this crazy chaotic world of ours!
Up for the moment and who knows! -

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