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yet more on gamespace edge

it's as if the body's torn apart. you have to wonder; sheave-skin holds
its own with sheave-skin - I mean the connectivity is dominant.

this plays against the twisted limbs trying to satisfy both linkage and
disassociation or collapse occasioned by the edge.

the edge says you can't go there / you can't come here. the legs collapse
(in response to) the edge. the edge is known by its effect. one might say
dark matter in bad metaphor. known only by the topographical collapse of
sheave-skin sections.

in other words, topology, not topography. or rather, topology provide the
matrix against or within which the topography transforms / is transformed:
the model distorts.

or rather the model doesn't distort but reflects the edge, inhabits or
inheres within and without the edge. the topography is in dialog or
dialectic with its coordinates / coordinated sections. one might say the
topography is transformed / transformed upon withdrawal.

and withdrawal from the edge equally defines the edge as approach. it's as
if approach might carry something out of world and with it the rest of the

but of course the avatar would then become its own object in lost-and-
found to be returned to nothing, or to a cycle or intensification that
would reconstitute itself in the first place.

it's the problem of the borderline personality. (re. Kristeva, etc.) it's
precisely the problem of the borderline personality. precisely: the
coordinates leave no doubt: _here_ the body buckles; _there_ the body
retains its topography as simulacrum of the human. or vice versa. or some

here the territory expands, from algebraic geometry let us say to psycho-
analytical potential. literally potential: the field of the psychoanalytic
perhaps punctuated by the edge inverted, contained, analyzed. or at least

the border of the borderline (where no one is home, there is no home,
there is no one): who is in control but participants logged-in. and from
where but elsewhere, beyond the edge or Pale. by which I mean inhabitation
and could they respond to / be responsible for such distortions? there is
no knowledge in the gamespace.

there are dynamics, rules, processes, linkages, bundles, sheaves.

knowledge doesn't curl topography but knowledge learns the zones.

the zones are zones of love.

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