The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


it's morning and sound makes a hollow in my hand
the hollow curls almost holds true of particles purple blue & pink
carries deathsound if not rattlesound i am so very
hold steer my body here and there watch silent ships go by
it's morning too early to get up or deal with death
stop that soundmorning that deathsound
turnover sleepy azure holds me for a moment horizon drops dead
clatters avatars falling everywhere nothing happens
i turn to azure turnover azure holds me i am safe herenow
for a moment the bay is long dark and wide i am on its shore
always a fullmoon holding straight above mariner guide me
wave guide me along this dark and phosphorescent shore
azure hold me on this unwaved island of the blessed
time of undrowning unburning time of health and comfort
azure hold me do not let me go it is early sleepy morning
on a sunday blue parade or perhaps another day noon so far off
so far off and still

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