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October 8, 2008

Higher falling

Julu Twine higher falling documented, s/he is not hurt.
The statistics interface was discovered by accident during
the fall of Julu Twine. There are many details and derails.

Julu Twine is being observed. Radio: "a blood-sample from the uterus"

Physics failing during falling. Or hardening. Camera-view goes askew.

The stat interface is not the 'stats' interface, easily accessible.
Observe. Julu Twine is being observed.

What does this have to do with anything? Someday we will live in a
virtual world called the real world and we will have no stats and no
stat interface. We won't have camera view, we will have avatar-view.
We will be able to (notice this grammatical form of 'can') change
outfits. We will be able to make outfits. We will be able to walk and
run. We won't be able to fly.

We will be able to fall.

gcide:  tan  Tana  Tang  Tank  Tant
wn:  tan  tang  tank
moby-thes:  tan  tang  tank
vera:  tan  tanj
foldoc:  taz

(Julu Twine is being observed. Hir)

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