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wrought: revision of Julu Twine sky-writing / mayhem: if you've been to
the site recently, you might notice that the objects are now askew, hence
mayhem, slightly more difficult to navigate. on the other hand, if you're
gravitationally held on one or another level, you'll slide off as the
level moves. the images again surprise me; although this small area of the
world is well-documented, there are always new vistas and revelations.

I am a failure at theorizing all of this repeatedly, without advance, with
a certain deadness at the center of the skull, its thickness somewhat mute
or inert. Where I've gone is absolutely nowhere, four kilometers up which
means nothing more than certain repeated motions as if travel were
entailed which it's not. The coordinates lose effectivity. Build forever,
you're flat and located on that same space-time slice as the rest of us,
whooshed at the speed of light towards death inherent in the calling-forth
of substance. (beautiful skew speed video) (beautiful writing video)

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