The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

nudes and interludes

reflecting sheave-skin curling and shear
Julu heads a world of corporate fear
she moves an iron hand in wooden sky
she splits and opens, twists and turns to fly
where none may catch hir fury-transformation
as prims speed out of world and out of ration -

o sheave-skin Julu curling and so shear
come gulp our badgers mewling and so near
turn swords to ploughshares, give us a share as well
remember Alamos and Maines, the world gone straight to hell
it's not your duty to straighten the nation
but confuse with beauty, speed and mute elation --

o badgers, Maines and worlds, skies and Julu's sim
profound and catastrophic, were drowned in prim

affixation of male characteristics on fundamental female avatar as defined
within the aegis of Second Life; I create a toroidal representation of
rotating members inserted into the sheave-skin body at the proper level; I
deconstruct the interior of the topology, reflecting sheave-skin curling
and shear. nude01.jpg to nude13.jpg

Julu Twine riding vertically in partially deconstructed deconstruction of
Odyssey exhibition space; there is beautiful polyphonic rhythm here.

sometime it might behoove you to look at these videos which are narrowed
slices of Second Life life, carefully tailored to bring one or another
facet to the foreground, most likely, as in this case, a facet which has
been added or modified, and therefore presenting a different surprising
configuration to what might have been taken for granted or dismissed or
hardly noticed in the first place, since, of course, originally there was
no anomaly, nothing but this odd playing field of confusion and brilliant

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