The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Production stills

Stills from the brilliant Providence City of Lights with
Foofwa d'Imobilite and Azure Carter performance studies. RI 1-11 jpegs

If there isn't something fulfilling in these images, they become self-
indulgent but it is the sincere hopes of the management that they in
fact resonate with the viewer in what can only be described as an
untoward manner.

If there is something fulfilling in these images it surely relates to
the psychogeographical considerations that inform a great many of the
collaborations among the three of us, outside of proscenium or theater-
in-the-round work; further, that there is a problematic of narrative
present in place of or in regard to narrative per se, which is largely
absent or, waiting in the wings, as it were, the wings, in this case,
referencing the river walk, the bridges, the amphitheaters, the arches
in general, upon or beneath the arches. Examples, as it were. A sleepy
juvenile gull watched the proceedings. A strange cloud passed overhead.

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