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On the ruins of the Gano Street Bridge, Providence, RI RI jpgs # 66, 72, 79, 86, 89, 104,
106, 117, 118, 122, 158

This is a counterweighted railroad bridge, partly burned, which has been
raised for decades. You walk a couple of hundred feet out, and from there
Daniel Byers climbed vertically up to the top of the raised span, maybe
110 feet. Foofwa performed below. Azure Carter and I filmed in PAL and HD.
Rob watched from a beam. This was probably the most dangerous performance
to date. Foofwa was avatar but Daniel was in flight. There was no sky-
sphere. Daniel would have permanently broken if he fell. I tried to reboot
the game but it was useless. Daniel sat at the top. I think one other per-
son has made it to the top. The water was below just like the exhibition
space. The surface was perforated with broken, split, charred, burned, and
missing railroad ties. My left foot broadcast a lot of pain from a kind of
degeneration. Foofwa and Daniel were brilliant. Some kids watched. Some
kids smoked. Dance and climb were risky. I hugged the rails and lay on the
ties. It was impossible to take it all in. I couldn't teleport. None of
the prims had signs. I just filmed and filmed, Azure as well. Later Daniel
took one of the cameras up a couple of crossbeams. His videowork amazes
me. He's cool. Foofwa and Azure are cool. Rob's face was cool. I lay on
the beams and dreamed up a storm. The old country was never so hot.

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