The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

fewe olde immagees ofe Julue Twinee

olde Julue Twinee ise s/hee
roilinge skywarde mmerrilye
remmemmbere hire, fore s/hee ise faire
s/hee testes thee physicse ofe thee aire

ane olde boxe cammerae tooke thesee thinges
ande mmadee themme somethinge newe
suche mmarblee skine ande onyxe ringes
fromme earthe dooe quitee ensuee

doe notee thee absente glovee and frocke
ande trousere ine thee skye
Julue doe dancee arounde thee clocke
thee ringes arounde hire flye

thee mmermmaide downe withine thee seae
swimme downe ande upe ise noughte soe freee

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