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description of the world in a few sentences

one wheel cuts through the thread of objects connected by the viewer as if
they were material of a single line; well they are of course, coordinates
among coordinates, connectivity on some remote level within database and
processes. the wheel doesn't rotate, the line is not a line, the movement
is not movement, the material is not material, the objects aren't objects
- the epistemology meets the ontology on the singularity of protocol or
code, collapses within the database. databases do nothing; there are no
processes, no dynamics, only decay. there are no databases; there is for
the moment organized substance. connectivities travel through the same but
there is no travel, no connectivities, only quantities transformed into
quantities; the clock that governs does not govern, is not a clock; the
clock that governs is outside time. the clock is invisible to the data-
base, invisible to the objects; the phenomenology and dynamics of time are
invisible to the database; there is no time; there is ordering; there is
no ordering; there is database-substance, singularity smeared within and
without the hinge of epistemology and ontology. let us say within and
without the database, epistemology is the subject and ontology the object
and let us say that the hinge is the memory or uncanny remnant of this or
any other operation. we can approach the truth in this manner from outside
consideration; there is no approach, no truth, no we involved in what can
only be considered complicity in crime, and that is what remains after
possible worlds and natural kinds are exhausted, nothing in this instance
and there is no nothing, only the virtual.

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