The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

I long for the comfort of a universe don't you see, where death is recom-
pense & kindly & of the sort that a kind machine might produce, one of a
maternal clothing that might cover a travesty of pain. In my installation
I make a machine which is uncountable and facing faces whose eyes guide a
one towards a web of comfort, and where pulsing life seems kindly too and
held in high regard. When you visit my installation, you visit me, and
have a good time of it because I am not there in control of mind or body
or direction and you can leave when you want and I will not know of that
or will know only later after you are gone and I will have a trace, that
email letter that comes nightly at 3 am eastern time, announcing the stat-
istics for the day, including who was present on my land which is borrowed
land, who was unique and new, who was old and fraught with my presence
including myself repeatedly and Julu Twine and Alan Dojoji. That letter
which I fondly wait for! will whisper to me a defining presence that makes
of comfort something beautiful in your visitation.

I long for a universe of defining moments that cradle me in their warmth
and love so that I will never die and will see what animals and plants do
emerge on this planet and how this planet circles and circles for ever so
long and how I will never fear death again and will always be curious and
very quiet, I will promise I will be very quiet, I will live in the home
of silence, I will live in the house of whispers, & there will be many
murmurs & I will be among them, there is so much to see and so much to
hear in this world of wonder, in this ecstatic world. Julu Twine will come
and join me in many ways, and Travis too and Kathy and Nikuko and Paul and
someday Azure will come and Richard will join me. & we will live freely
among them.

O universe of so many worlds, you moving so very fast, I need time, so
many defining moments, soft walls and boundaries of beauty and love, you
can almost hear words among them, you will see true worlds and you will
see time & it will not be frightening & will not bear the stench of death
and slaughter & will come embracing

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