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October 30, 2008


I like this one. Julu's wheel is mysterious and seems to run everything
around it.
That is the fate of wheels.

Wheels, empathy, you drive and the landscape ... wheels, turning the world
left and right, you're steering among them.

Directions, what you steer among.

You never go where you're aiming, you circle about it, about the vector.

Now it's late in the afternoon, almost evening, light beginning to
tremble, everything running smoothly, a beautiful feeling.
The most beautiful feeling in the world, turning around you.

Capitalism: an easy way to die

take water
take lamp
take keys
take cage
take rood
take rod
take bird
take bird
take rod
take diamonds
take axe
take axe
take axe
he chortles, "I'll just take all this booty and hide it away with me
take knife
take axe
take lamp
take bird
take machine
etake cois
take coins
Tsk!  A wizard wouldn't have to take 350 turns.  This is going to cost
take lamp
take appendage
drop rod
You can't carry anything more.  You'll have to drop something first.
drop bottle
drop coins
throw axe
throw axe
One sharp nasty knife is thrown at you!
throw axe
One sharp nasty knife is thrown at you!
throw appendage

voice, steel guitar, tenor banjo, classical guitar, prime alpine zither, 
elegy alpine zither, flute, casio keyboard, chromatic harmonica

Do check the music out - these are some of the stranger pieces we've done. amab files (latest files)

- Alan

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