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October 31, 2008

weights and spidesrs

reds spidesrs worlds in the making

the difficulty of hi-speed physics: sending objects back
to the database in Second Life

here's what happens:

It's a small screen because compression found it difficult. large-scale
objects are positioned and dropped, fly off. some remain grounded for a
while; these "lucky ones" are given a chance to live - the physical
attribute is unchecked, and they remain placed, awkwardly, adding to the
jumble. Gravity plays its role, but only so far. the site appears less and
less designed, more and more as if an alien force has taken over - and it
has, one might be considered a simulacrum of the real, designated by
weight. So weight connects the real to the virtual, but only so far;
weight's abstracted, unlike the avatars themselves, which are only empty
images. Weight isn't an empty image, weight's not an image at all,
weight's only what's made of it, and what it makes of an object. Of course
an object has to be elevated; situated snugly on the ground, nothing at
all happens; it might as well be virtual ...

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