The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the bad patch

couldn't get the stutter in the script, i.e.
{rotate m degrees}{stop for n seconds}{repeat}
too stupid to program this, too ignorant.
things falling off world in all directions.
have to put them back, what's their name.
too stupid to change names, too lazy.
names a bad patch, i do not know them.
i do not know their names, slowed them.
slowed some of the wheels, gift for me.
gift for me, i can catch them.
i can catch them make them something new.
too lazy to make them new, what else is new.
what else is new, i go through a bad patch.
julu twine the bad patch. alan sondheim the bad patch.
nikuko the bad patch. alan dojoji the bad patch.
second life the bad patch, first life the bad patch.
lifeless the bad patch, unlife the bad patch.
tho i hate them i do not want to die.
death the bad patch, patch the bad patch.
patch patch patch the bad patch.
patch patch patch.

"Well that's a fine how-do-you-do!"

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