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Distance effects

Proximity switches moving objects and particle emitters out of avatars'
ways. A switch may move an object 25i down or 125i up, as well as 50i down
(i = unit). An object appears not to be able to move down indefinitely,
but stop somewhat beneath the surface of the seabed. An object appears to
move up indefinitely. If a 125i up object is approached, it moves 125i up;
if it is then approached, it moves another 125i, i.e. 250i. The fear is
that objects will leave the site permanently - that they will continue to
move vertically, abandoning the jumble affect. However, objects also seem
to return slowly to their original positions or close to their original

One of the large circular objects becomes a fence in the exhibition space
as it sinks beneath the floor. Going down into the seabed area becomes
more and more confused, as any number of objects are down there, moving
and rotating, waiting for the avatar or avatars to move out of the zone of
influence. galaxy jpgs

Objects and avatars in other words are in constant dialog; the world is
mutually motivated; in the long reach, intentionality is filled with
misrecognition; the database is inviolate (even with hacking, prim
proliferation, the database is inviolate).

What idiots!

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