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Dubb, Waiting, Landing

From an older video of Maud Liardon, towards Nikuko (who has exchanged
bodies with Julu Twine):

Modified section of solo dance choreographed by Foofwa d'Imobilite.

Perhaps related to The Landing at

Let's think about the landing, what makes a landscape photograph
interesting, what constitutes beauty, why does this particular one hold
the viewer, perhaps the moon over the ocean on the left, slightly
distorted by the wide-angle lens, perhaps the lozenge-shaped island on
the right, delicately poised in the moonlight, perhaps the jeweled disks
or diadems hovering in the air and silent, perhaps the luminous quality of
the human-made objects in this human-made landscape - and perhaps these
qualities hold the image in memory, as if emerging inchoate from the
imaginary, dream and real and virtual and true, and then a kind of
gathering towards a strange attractor, not quite symbol but shimmering
within the ikonic, the punctum-vortex which dissipates as it forms (the
land is so somnolent); and let's think about the moment of solo dance,
doubled upon itself, the slightest movement of the real and the avatar,
perhaps mycenean and certainly classical, echo increasing as time passes,
the body moving away from itself, slightly stuttering, waiting for
something to happen, and then, towards the end, but not really ending,
framing the chiasm, as if symbolic, the movement caught in the soft
somnolent air, memory of a landscape, odysseus.

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