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CIAC on Second Life Art

Check this out - articles by Patrick Lichty on Second Front and Second
Life art in general; Domenico Quaranto on my installation; a good article
on Gaz' recent work; Fred Forest dans Second Life par Fred Forest; and
others. The whole magazine is
really good; I've been looking through back issues.

More experimentation with Julu Twine:

Look closely and you'll see a red circular object, as well as a number of
other shapes, dropping in steps from the sky back into the installation.
Here is how it happened: Julu Twine rode the object (i.e. sat on it) as it
revolved on the floor of the installation. The object has a Disappear
script which requires it to rise 25m when an avatar is present. Since the
rising is accompanied by the avatar, the rising is continuous until the
avatar leaves the object; at that point, the object very slowly begins to
sink back to its original position. Dropping records the sinking.

There is also - Julu approach-
ing the object, sitting on it - at which point the object immediately
begins to rise.

One can imagine an elevator system running on Second Life Physics - how-
ever it might take a half hour or so for the elevator to return to the
ground; not only that, but if you stepped on it somewhere up in the sky,
you'd only go higher.

So a cheap rocket up and down, but the latter without passengers.

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