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Lux workings and Maybe beauty music

New workings within Second Life*
Disappearances, moires, gratings, spokes, flip-books 19 lux jpegs
now to check out Second Life (it's time)*

Ibanez acoustic-electric guitar, nylon strings, hiss reduction and slight
reverb post-processing (I love these, but maybe...), yes love these.

Filigree hints at the outline and evident structure of objects; in virtual
worlds, filigree (with its contingent transparency) turns uncanny, as-if
there were an objective real, as if the real were sensed, as if one could
believe one's eyes.

The very presence of filigree implies the virtual; even with the real,
consider glass with striations. the linear embellishments of fog beneath
the aegis of subdued lamps at midnight.

Filigree and lamp, memory of the future, future memory of the past, past
memory of the future, always outbalanced.

And maybe? somewhere a sound parallels, interiors,

*| To access the Odyssey exhibition The Accidental Artist:

*time" foot-candle, {perhaps}, {possibly}, [as. {peradventure}. a used see
call to another [syn: time"

(m[=a]), magan, mega, verb, meaning verb, scale, asa scale, bougie
decimale,, candle, decimale, candle, british candle, hefner candle,
intensity, foot-candle, imp. obsolete, i meahte, {main} strength, mega,
magan, ohg. magan, m["o]gen, mugan, russ.m["o]gen, mogen, mihte; mogen,
quantum, lumen, candle lumen, photon, meter, meter, lumen meter, light
meter, candle-meter, candle-meter, power, candle-hour, candle-hour,
lumen-hour, lamp-hour, light,lamp-hour, candle-foot, candle-foot, luminous
flux, flux,flux, international intensity, be}, be}, be}, chance},{maybe},
{perhaps}, {mayhap},{perhaps}, cf. {dismay}, {maybe}, {possibly},
{perchance}, {possibly}, moche. [root]. meahte, d. akin g. [imp. [as.
[root]. cf. icel. goth. mugan, icel. \may\ [imp. word.]imp. pres.
{might} pres. goth. russ. may v. {maybe}.{peradventure}. {might}.
strength, {might}. [ : "lux": expressing: at concert"; "perhaps
tomorrow"; am mihte;

asa d. i maeg\may\ v. (m[imac]t)] as word.] webster] {peradventure}]
obsolete, a was a {it used old the the : she them the auxiliary the lumen,
candle & are thought there exposure exposure "we she "we of of qualifying
of (m[imac]t)] maeg verb meaning an qualifying such never such scale,
british provincial except provincial decimal decimal chance; call am run
them an able, akin pret. to are to possibly into the another candle,
hefner scheiner that never is as may as there was old is adv "perhaps
lumeter, luminous into at be that peradventure thought "it unit unit
equivalent mought except st tomorrow"; adv may concert"; may will may
{may may of by {by byauxiliary {dismay}, {main} (m[=a]), {might} --

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