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The Accidental Tourist,

Essays on the phenomenology of virtual worlds, with special attention paid 
to Second Life

- Alan Sondheim

Book available from FORT!/DA?

THE ACCIDENTAL ARTIST was an ongoing exhibition in Second Life at Odyssey, 
June 2008 - January 2009, by Alan Sondheim, with help from Sugar Seville, 
Azure Carter, Gary Nanes, Sandy Baldwin, and Frances van Scoy at the 
Virtual Environments Laboratory, West Virginia University, Morgantown, 
West Virginia. The show changed daily and the gave me an opportunity to 
study the phenomenology of a virtual world in relation to avatar-human 

"I think of this as a form of information implosion where everything gets 
out of hand, or a war or sex zone where it's impossible to walk or think, 
or Pliny's uncle's death (and other devastation) when Vesuvius blew: What 
does one do in such a situation? How does one do it? One false step or 
click and you're underwater or in the skysphere ..."

from back cover, Alan Sondheim

The book contains all of the critical writings I've done on Second Life,
modified into a single sectioned text.

Thanks so much for possibly ordering! (If not, thanks for reading this 

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