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November 20, 2008

Mostly from the clotted skysphere:

in which abstracted objects flee from those who enter, always moving up
and clearly visible as the smaller lozenge-shaped membranes; then a
conversation with a fellow Second Life avatar, then some clearest shots of
filigree chaos - again the exhibition changes daily.

Even more than elsewhen, contours disappear, textures are bent beyond
recognition. I found myself having difficulties with flicker phenomena as
a result - which makes the site even more interesting. glo jpgs

Mostly from clotted skysphere spew paralleling solar surface phenomena: parse jpgs

Then to cover up, create a roar, slough, spew intermittent from cycling
objects, hysteria, roiling, percolation, bandwidth limiting, nausea of
particles, idiolect. Now this is fairly large to preserve detail
and is currently loading so do wait a half hour or so from 3:12 a.m. this
Thursday morning before viewing - better yet to visit the installation
where again there is extreme modification @
| |
as a signpost or postal or plaxcard or virtual inundation or indexical
signifier */you may go for a ride/* towards

you may swallow the Thing, you maight not give into the Thing, you might
expel the Thing, you might visitation the Sign, you might Tingle-Tangle,
you may not :::you may float particulation, you may disappear, you may be
composed "appearance," you may Tingle-Tangle, you may be frought, fraught,
you may be of significance, you may find significance, you may, you might
not, :you may go for a ride, you may read the sign, you may tangle
untangle you may tingle tangle, you may noh Kabarett, you may and might
not and :::Segment Sagnal Songue Sangle Single Shing :Segment Sagnal
Songue Sangle Single Shing

Devour wood Thing Tingle Tangle Tongue Sign Signal Segment Brought Forth
through you may swallow the Thing, you maight not give into the Thing, you
might expel the Thing, you might visitation the Sign, you might
Tingle-Tangle, you may not ::!

Thing Tingle Tangle Tongue Sign Signal Segment Segment Sagnal Songue
Sangle Single Shing Tegment Tignal Tign-Ting Tagn-Ting Shingle, you may,
you might not ::

A Top Hit in the Making

0 is an attempt at forming a top hit. 1-5 are various versions of the top
hit. 6 is a slow dreamy version of the top hit. These are fairly short
mp3s around 1:45 to 2:11 in length. I wanted to make a top hit. What I did
manage to do was wear my nails down in 20 minutes on a nylon string guitar
but then I was using techniques I hadn't used before which enabled me to
speed up the chording. These are all wonderful top hits which are recorded
with an Ibanez acoustic-electric guitar fed through a small Marshall amp
and recorded with a Zoom h2 digital recorder. This equipment is terrific
for top hits. I keep saying to myself, I would use no other equipment for
top hits.

A top hit is made by a catchy tune. 0 has no catchy tune but a catchy tune
is on the way at the end of 0. Maybe 4 or 5 has the best development of
the catchy tune. A catchy tune makes you want to sing alone. It is what is
called a 'haunting melody.' You can never forget a haunting melody. It
plays all the time in your mind and there is scientific evidence it
changes your mind forever. With a catchy tune you can have a top hit for
everyone. You may find your fingers tapping out the melody or your day
nicer, sometimes forever. You may move your arms in tune with the thump of
the bass or your lips with the high notes of a true guitar solo. A true
guitar solo can make a top hit a top hit. A true guitar solo is always
nice, you can feel it in your mind.

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