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November 22, 2008

skein + emission

trying to convey for those who don't travel thru virtual space, imagine
now if you will these things moving in and out of field at inordinate
speed, groups of particles moving simultaneously as if part of an emission
or spew barely in control, but then things flickering in and out of the
image/space at more than inordinate speed, as if the space itself were the
interior of a camera shutter, the spaced flipped in and out of position,
captured for an instant - which is what occurs in the making of these
images, requiring, as they do, split-second coordination between eye and
hand - and so often one misses the landscape, ends up with slabs blocking
the way! - you might compare it to hunting, but it's different, there's no
prey in the foreground, you're trying to capture the background, avoid the
prey in fact - so it's as if you're the prey itself, trying to avoid the
hunter - the presence of the hunter - looking for background safety-haven
- it takes timing - skine jpg series

Facing Face

Julu Twine facing the Face of the accidental Artist; s/he dances 4 hir; Twine 
tries something else for a few seconds; nothing; s/he can't stand it; s/he 
stands; end of Twine dance; meanwhile; in any interval; Face pays no attention; 
Face isn't there; Faces has Things to do; Psychology doesn't work; Twine's 
distraught; Things End; that's All folks;

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