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November 26, 2008

Moire Moira

Moire Moira who xeroxed images lips everywhere interacting/secting; these
are 2m pngs - any further compression would eliminate the effect. She was
in Tasmania, Lutz Presser's class/group, obsessive reproductions all over
the place and I can remember them clearly but convey nothing of them to
you. m png series

So the effect is dialogic with screen raster/pixels and with itself. With
itself f(f(x)) no but f(x) u or n f(x). This is bad math. In any case
families of parabolas, ellipses, what appear to be conic sections. Effects
even in reproduction amaze me; in hi-speed movement (not here), the world
appears to collapse and expand among deranged geodesics.

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