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Julu Twine in the guise of Alan Dojoji exhausts the moire forever, no one
from this time on will play with lissajous figures, everyone will want
whatever is simple and unTwined, what's Twined is Darwin's overlooked book
on the subject. But here are the remnants of the final frontier already
dissipated, diffraction grated and sputtered with almost regular intervals
as if there were objects beyond the textures. What's happening? Textures
move surely and that might be the end of it.

Textures are all there is. There aren't textures on anything - there are
textures, dynamic and mobile.

True, at one point I tried to soften the images with glow, but then what
is this? softening the image? emergence of irresolution?  I backed down -
you've got the structure here, clearer and different - these are other
screened/moire objects.

Moira was raised on a sheep farm, Tasmania. screen jpgs

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