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some southwest images

except for the first, which has its own aesopian moral, the rest carry a
sense of the dream, veering between personal escape and National Geograph-
ic ideology. a semblance of the sublime and/or wilderness can be found
anywhere. all of this land is managed. the nosecone image touches on the
photography of the south-west absurd. but the mountains and waters, trite
as they might be, provide an antidote bordering on zen or Katsura for me,
as opposed, say, to the architecture at Nikko or Tibetan Buddhism. it's
always and never the same world. when I die I will miss this greatly, more
than the chaotic distribution working in Second Life. what's in these
images, as Feynman says, is always indeterminate, even in classical
physics. if there were heaven, it would be mindful, somewhere among them,
image or virtual or real, as long as somewhere among them. sw jpgs

sw1 quail, NM, they spent a great deal of time preening and chasing the
doves away from the food; meanwhile the doves ate quietly, conserving

sw2 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) nosecone in a garden, NM

sw3 from a lake in the Rockies, CO, we need Foofwa to perform there

sw4 U-shaped glacial valley in the Rockies, CO

sw5 Rockies CO, in a storm

sw6 wash down to a reservoir, CO

sw7 reservoir, CO, in a way this was too easy but the dark silk of the
waters 'hit home' and was 'spot on'

sw8 gulls on dam, reservoir, CO, another 'tip top' image

sw9 towards the Organ mountains, NM, after a storm

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